Tuesday, October 14, 2008

harvest moon afternoon

We had a warm day today and decided to give equine baths. Salina went first, and then Keil Bay snuck into the small barnyard in front of the pony, so we did both of them together. Cody will get his tomorrow or Thursday, and Rafer Johnson did his own bath rolling in the grass paddock. No water for donkeys!

After baths, Keil Bay and Apache went into the front field and had themselves a 20-minute play session. They galloped up the hill, they reared and bucked, they did collected trot in 5-meter circles, they did passage. They were both floating. It was so nice to see, particularly with the pony, who I believe was feeling quite good to be doing all that work from the hindquarters.

I did some cleaning in the tack room, and when I came out, this is what I saw.

A very distinguished Dickens E. Wickens surveying his property. And two of his cohorts enjoying the round bale.

Our very most favorite hay is once again available, but only in round bales until next spring. We've been feeding from the bale with a pitchfork and hay barrow but since the bale is in the barnyard it makes a nice buffet for the equine crew.

We're getting ready to re-fence the grass paddock and move Salina and Rafer back to the near side of the barn so the geldings can have their stalls, but until then there is a fair amount of free access to the buffet. As you can see, it's quite the hot spot.

I meant to get a photo of the harvest moon as it rose up over the trees tonight. I was doing a client call outside, and watched the moon rise. Just at the pinnacle of the call, when the good insights happened, Keil Bay walked over and bowed to me. After that I forgot all about the moon.

But it does feel like a full harvest day.


Grey Horse Matters said...

I hope the warm weather holds here until the weekend so we can get some baths in too before the cold sets in. Glad to see everyone enjoying the never-ending salad bar.

billie said...

Arlene, for us it looks like 3 days of these warm temps and then highs drop to the 60s!

So far though, the nights aren't getting below 47 or so, which is perfect - very moderate days with coolish nights but NO blankets!

Laughing Orca Ranch said...

That's a beautiful photo of Dickens. The lighting is just gorgeous!

How to fun to be treated to a performance by the court jesters and then by those at the round table, too.

A Harvest Moon was the stellar ending to a perfect day :)


billie said...

LOL - King Arthur and his Round Table! Camelot!

Thanks, Lisa. I love that thought.

dorette said...

bille, hey! i have some friends here - well- on the outskirts of chapel hill - who have just got some miniature donkeys. the cutest little beasts, too. looks like all is floating along purrfectly with you!

billie said...

Dorette, they are in for many moments of joy with the little donkeys. :)

I am thinking a lot of Redford this week, and anticipating his arrival here to join his "brother" Rafer Johnson.