Friday, October 31, 2008

spirits and angels

Since today is Halloween, and in honor of the Celtic celebration of Samhain, I'm offering a true and mysterious tale of spirits and angels.

When I was a little girl, in the middle of the night of the first sleepover I remember having, my friend woke me up to ask why there was a man standing by my dresser. I looked around the room and saw nothing, but she insisted there had been a man standing there, and that he had been watching me while I slept.

This same friend reported this on more than one occasion during our childhoods.

When we were teenagers, years later, we were having a sleepover at another friend's house. There were 5 of us there, and we were in the kitchen, doing what adolescent girls love to do: listening to music, talking, and eating.

My aforementioned friend and I were sitting on one side of the kitchen table, our backs to the kitchen window. The other three friends were on the opposite side. They suddenly started screaming and ran out of the kitchen. My friend and I flew around the table and followed.

It turned out they had seen a man's face in the window. They each described the face in some detail. As they went through their individual descriptions, my other friend's face became more and more puzzled. "That's the same man I saw watching you those times," she said.

I've come to believe that this man is some sort of spirit being who, for whatever reason, has looked out for me my entire life.

I don't know who he is. My maternal grandfather died when I was young, and I do remember going to his funeral. But physically he doesn't resemble the descriptions of the man my friends described.

In any case, his presence has always been benign, and it's always been true that I have had an aura of safety that has carried me through some dicey situations.

I'd love to hear your stories if any of you want to share!


Grey Horse Matters said...

What an interesting story of your guardian angel. Actually, it gave me the chills reading it.

billie said...

Arlene, I guess a good Halloween tale should give some chills! :)

This particular tale has never felt anything but interesting to me. I've never been spooked by it in the least.

Victoria Cummings said...

Billie - That's a great story. I'm glad that you and your daughter aren't afraid of him. A friend of mine just told me a similar story about some friends of hers who bought an old house that came with a spirit named Mr. Thompson. He watched over their two sons and even followed them to Europe for a couple of years when they moved abroad. After the boys grew up and left home, Mr. Thompson disappeared. Did you ever see a movie called "Wings of Desire" directed by Wim Wenders? Your tale reminds me of the guardian angels in that movie.

Janet Roper said...

Way cool, it's so interesting that people around you see the spirit. Have you considered having a psychic connect with the man to hear his story?

Thanks for sharing & a blessed Samhein.

Buddy said...

I went to a pysic (spellng) soon after my grandmother had passed - he had no idea - but told me she had died and was watching over me - I have felt her from time to time but no one has ever seen her. I wish they would!!!!!!!!!


billie said...

Wings of Desire was a favorite film years back. I love that the friends' spirit followed them to Europe.

billie said...

Janet, my husband has a friend who works as a medium and he offered to do a free reading for me awhile back.

It has honestly never occurred to me to ask - on some level I have assumed if I needed to know who he is, I would just... know.

But if I ever do the reading, perhaps I will ask. I've had readings done before,but more focused on me than any spirits that might have things to tell me.

billie said...

Buddy, how wonderful that your grandmother is watching over you. Even if you can't see her, I hope you feel the loving presence.

Laughing Orca Ranch said...

All the hairs on my head started prickling while reading this, Billie. Now I'm afraid to look out my windows, lest I see a face peering back at me through the glass. gah!

Thanks alot, my friend!


billie said...

It's interesting to read that a few of you are getting chills reading this! It has never had that effect on me.