Tuesday, October 28, 2008


When I left for my office late this afternoon, Rafer Johnson was in his cast. He'd spent the morning (he and Redford put themselves in Salina's paddock this a.m.) lying in the sunshine on top of Salina's pile of hay, while she tenderly plucked strands from beneath him and Redford stood guard behind him.

We allowed Salina to spend an hour with Rafer and Redford in the barnyard this afternoon, and Rafer took an afternoon nap once again with Salina standing guard on one side and little Redford on the other.

When I came home tonight, Rafer's cast was gone! And in its place he now has a spiffy little splint on his ankle, to give him support as he heals that hairline fracture.

We're charged with the mighty task of taking the splint off every 2 days, giving him 1 day without it, and then putting it back on. For a month!

I'm not real sure how putting the splint back on the donkey is going to work. But we'll figure that out in two days!

Redford is now braying loudly for Rafer whenever Rafer is out of his sight. My daughter said that Redford did caprioles today when she had to take him for a walk away from Rafer during the procedure. The Flying Donkey returned - but at least this time it was on the end of a lead rope and there were no walls involved!


Laughing Orca Ranch said...

lol! Billie, I like your title: cast away. Very appropriate.

And I'm glad that things are going smoothly and that you all are on to the next transition for Rafer.
Sounds like everyone is going along with the changes very well.

And I love how Redford and Rafer have already bonded so closely, too.

Best wishes on the splint changes. I hope they are successful :)


billie said...

Thanks, Lisa. I know Rafer is tired of having to reorient with new contraptions but hopefully this is the last!

Grey Horse Matters said...

It's wonderful that his cast is gone. He must be healing quickly. I love that Redford and Salina are his protectors and friends. He must think he is king of the farm.

billie said...

We took off the splint last night which was good, as he was stocked up a little right at the top. It's gone this morning - it's especially clear to me after all this that horses and donkeys do best when they can have all four hooves solidly on the ground.

He and Redford had to spend the night in the stall, and today they'll be in the barn aisle only, which is not going to be much fun for them, but we need to keep him in a limited area to practice using the entire leg again.