Saturday, September 06, 2008

riders on the storm - not

I had a post all planned, called riders on the storm, and I was going to take photos of our bravery as we faced thrashing winds and torrential rains. However, thankfully, we got about 5 inches of rain but had no flooding, no branches or trees down, and by mid-day today the sun was shining.

The grass in both fields is growing faster than the horses can graze it, so the big event of the day was buying a grazing muzzle for the pony. August and September are hard months for him weight-wise, and with all this wonderful rain it's either lock him up or muzzle him. He was not very impressed with the muzzle, aptly titled the My Best Friend.

I think if you put a sketch of a fat pony snorting steam out his nostrils you'd be closer to the truth.

He went in the trees and tried to get it off once - although there might also have been a horse fly after him so we weren't sure of his intentions.

But after his ride tonight, and his dinner, back on it went and we'll see how this approach works.

Rafer Johnson is doing well. This morning he was flinging his feed tub around the stall, which is one of his favorite things to do when he finishes his breakfast. He had a little time outside his stall tonight to graze and enjoy the evening air. It's time to add in another item of intrigue, I think, so tomorrow I'll be surprising him with a new toy.

I hope Hanna was as kind to everyone as she was to us.


Janet Roper said...

Glad all is well your way. Been thinking of you with Hanna in your neighborhood.

billie said...

Thank you, Janet.

It's hard to believe we were preparing for severe weather only 24 hours ago.

It is a gorgeous day today, blue skies and sunshine.