Saturday, September 27, 2008

little storms

I was amused to see that the new tropical storm moving about at sea is named Kyle. My daughter and I speculated after Josephine that the K-storm would be Keil Bay. And it's pretty close!

Last night I was standing in the barn aisle taking a quick breather after my ride on the fanciful Keil Bay. I had let him out in the front field for a last hour of grazing before coming in for the evening. Salina and Rafer Johnson had been let out to the barnyard to graze.

Yesterday Rafer Johnson went through the fence (the non-electric part) two times, in order to get himself into the paddocks closer to his herd. He is definitely making moves to be back in the normal routine here. He will take any opportunity to leave his stall - no more leaving the door ajar as you muck him out - if you do, he might not be there when you turn around!

I was keeping a close eye on him for that reason, but he sneakily went into the little barnyard, which is fine, but then eased through the fence into the grass paddock, which is also fine, but separated from Salina.

I should have known what was coming next, but I didn't. Salina suddenly realized Rafer was nowhere to be found and she went trotting into the big barnyard to look for him. I opened the stall up that leads out to the grass paddock, and she trotted through there. Suddenly a flash went by. I saw the blur and felt the breeze. Something whirled past me into the big barnyard. It was only when it stopped that I realized - it was Hurricane Rafer!

He had heard Salina and they'd missed each other in the grass paddock. He tucked back through the fence and galloped through the barn aisle to find her.

It took me a few moments to even remember that Rafer Johnson has a CAST on. How the heck is he managing to gallop?

Three weeks and counting to what I hope is a smaller cast and a bit more freedom.

And may Tropical Storm Kyle be kind as he moves by.


the7msn said...

Thought you'd get a kick out of what Shoebox had to say about the latest storm:

Tropical storm “Kyle” may be the storm with the least intimidating name yet. Seriously, Kyle? “Ooh, look out costal inhabitants! Here comes Kyle!” People might evacuate if storms were named “Attila,” or “Bruiser,” or, “The Hurricane That Will Kill You If You Don’t evacuate.

Meanwhile, Hurricane Rafer sounds like he's gearing up to be at least a category 4. Go, Rafer, go! The stronger, the better.

billie said...

LOL, Linda!

Keil Bay is named (because of his German Hannoverian heritage) after the actual Keil Bay - body of water - in Germany.

So many people spell his name wrong I usually introduce him as "Keil Bay - you know, like Heil, Hitler."

He does have a similar air of self-aggrandizement but as a herd leader he is most benevolent. :)

Category 4! I like that image of Rafer's healing process.

Grey Horse Matters said...

Well I do hope you don't get hit with a sissy name hurricane like Kyle. Rafer Johnson sounds like he is healing well. I can't believe he is galloping around with a cast on. Hope it means that he is ahead of the curve and mending more quickly than the vets stated at the beginning. I'm guessing since he is so young his healing will be amazingly fast. Fingers crossed.

billie said...

All I can say about Rafer Johnson is that he is a Force To Be Reckoned With. :)

I think this was true from the very beginning of his young life, when he tried to pop out while his mom was on her way to the donkey nursery.

Laughing Orca Ranch said...

Way to go Hurricane Rafer!

Everytime I read about his strength, tenacity, curious and adventurous nature...I just get such a strong feeling of hope.

If they ever do come up with a Hurricane named Rafer, he will be a strong, yet gentle, little storm. :)


billie said...

It's funny, Lisa - as we go through this time with Rafer, I can almost feel the story becoming part of our family history. I can so easily imagine telling it to grandchildren and stimulating the same feeing of hope we see here on a daily basis.

Of course Rafer will almost certainly be there to tell his own tales. :)