Thursday, September 11, 2008


The week started in some chaos but it has ended with a number of milestones. As you can see, Mystic the kitten has learned not only how to get out of the cat door but how to hang with the big kits up on the rail by the butterfly bushes.

Apache Moon has learned to put the little hole in the bottom of his grazing muzzle to good use. He is grazing and drinking water and for the most part acting like it's no big deal. Except for when he realizes any of us are looking at him - then he picks his head up, stands, and looks pitifully in our direction. Ponies!

Rafer Johnson is beginning to put weight onto his casted leg more and more. Tonight when it was his time to graze outside his stall, he turned right instead of left and marched straight out to the gate. Just as if it were any other night and he was ready to be turned out. All the way down the barn aisle and across the barnyard he was walking with a perfectly normal gait - each foot bearing equal weight.

The outer loop to the labyrinth is complete. When I walked down this morning, I realized that four crows were in four trees - one in front of me, one behind, and one on each side. They were calling to one another round-robin style, and when I stopped and listened, I realized they were marking each direction. North, South, East, and West. It felt like they were doing a location check for me. Here's the labyrinth. Here you are. Here's where you are on the earth.


Twinville said...

That photo of Mystic is gorgeous. Sounds like some wonderful things are happening there :)

Laughing Orca Ranch
New Mexico

billie said...

Lisa, the funny thing about Mystic suddenly being "free" is how my daughter and son have taken it - very protective of him and wanting to check on him constantly.

I'm trying to figure out how I can utilize this when THEY hit the adolescent equivalent and are ranging further from home. :)

Matthew said...

I am sitting out here on my laptop watching the swiftly-mending Rafer Johnson follow his "momma" around the barnyard, grazing on the lush and apparently quite delicious grass. . .

AnnL said...

Glad to hear that Rafer is doing well! Mystic is a gorgeous cat--love that pic.

The 4 crows in the 4 trees is pretty neat.

billie said...

Matthew, I'm jealous you can get a signal at the barn!

billie said...

Thanks, Ann. I was very moved by the crows and the way they were calling. It wasn't their usual "caw, caw, caw" - they were making a much less nasal sound and were doing it in different tones, almost like four notes in a song. It was so beautiful.

Janet Roper said...

I wonder if the crows were consecrating and blessing your labyrinth? Four directions, 4 crows, pretty cool!

dorette said...

wow, billie, love the photo of mystic! and rafer, i am sorry to hear something happened! must read what happened! and also, which post tells more about the labyrinth? just getting back into the groove after spending a month on my manuscript. hope yours is proceeding well and very fine, fine indeed. merci! dorette

billie said...

Janet, of course I thought of you when it happened! :)

I think they were performing some special Crow ceremony - I am not sure what, but it felt very special and good.

billie said...

Hi, Dorette - good to hear from you!

The labyrinth is a project I've been working on all summer - look back in the archives in June - should be around that time I first wrote about it.

All is well here. It's always busy!

Book-wise, I am in the midst of setting up an ergonomic keyboard and desk situation as I've been having some fore-arm and hand issues using the laptop. Once that's done, I can get back to the book(s).

Let me know if you're still interested in some writing group time!

Dorette said...

Billie - Gosh,

I will take a look at June and I offer support for your forearm issues to be speedily and positively and comfortably resolved.

Of course in answer and regards to your writing group. I am looking for a reader for my ms and would love to be a reader for you, when ready, if you like. :)

Have you ever heard of "the path to Jersulem?" They were found on church floors in renassaince times. Very similar to a labyrinth.

take care!!! hello to all your beasties! Dorette

billie said...

Thank you, dorette - I'd love to be a reader - send me an email!