Friday, September 05, 2008

good omens and a good day

This is what I woke up to this morning. It's a whole new take on the glass half-empty, half-full idea. Ours is full and brimming over with Muffine Eloise energy, which I took as a fine portent of the day to come.

After horse and donkey breakfasts, I turned the geldings and Salina into the back field, with the intention of normalizing things well before the vet's truck pulled in. It worked. There was some neighing and braying but it settled down and by the time the vet arrived, everything was calm.

On my way down to dump the wheelbarrow, I discovered that the wild muscadines in the back field are ripe, and made a detour to sample some. Down in the labyrinth path a deer bounded forward and then stopped to watch me through the trees on the other side. I stopped for a moment just to breathe and enjoy the wildflowers, pink and lemon yellow, mustard and white.

Back up the path there was a lovely gnarled tree root beside a smooth rounded stone. I was tempted to bring it in, but decided it made a nice tableau right where it was.

Up at the barn, I checked in on Rafer Johnson, filled all the water tubs in preparation for Hanna, and fixed the tarp on the shavings pile. By that time I was soaked in sweat, so I went in, husband and daughter went out, and they got started with the vet while I took a shower.

He was just finishing up when I got out there. The cast looks beautiful, and can actually stay on for 6 weeks so long as there are no pressure sores. Rafer did beautifully, and after he woke up and got his legs back solid to the earth, walked into his stall.

He is a bit subdued, but I expect this to pass as he adjusts to the new feel of his leg.

I've been to the grocery store, there is Rescue Remedy in horse water buckets, and everyone is settled with some hay. We're ready to ride out the storm.


the7msn said...

I'm still laughing at that bowl half full.

Rafer looks mighty comfortable, all things considered. He looks like he's just standing there waiting for the next hug. Is there nothing that duct tape can't fix?

I'll be thinking about you as Hanna moves up the coast.

Cheryl said...

Awwww...your kitty is SO CUTE! She's a long hair! I had one, "Sniffy" who used to follow me around the block on my walks! I had to chase her home! She swatted EVERY dog who came into our yard! Every now and then I find little Daisy curled up in our bathroom sink. I'll have to get a pic!

AnnL said...

I'm glad to hear everything went well today with the cast. It sounds like Rafer is adjusting to the stall confinement.

Good luck with Hanna tomorrow. We'll be getting rain and wind from her tomorrow, also, but I don't think it will be bad.


Victoria Cummings said...

So glad everything went smoothly - Rafer looks very dapper with his white cast. Will the other horses autograph it? Now, if only Hanna blows through quickly. I just heard that Arlene's surgery went well today. It's those big swirling good vibrations we've all been sending out into the Universe.

billie said...

Linda, thank you - right now we have no rain and no wind - but daughter and I drove 30 mins. to the fall kick-off Pony Club party earlier this evening and there was more wind and rain there.

Rafer was still somewhat subdued by the anesthesia in that photo - but as you can see, ears were up and he was alert to the camera, which he thoroughly checked out before I finished. :)

Cheryl, that is our princess cat. She loves to sleep in sinks as well.

Ann - thank you - it was a huge relief to get the casting checked off the agenda. As usual, Rafer Johnson takes things in stride. He is a real trooper. The vet is completely impressed with him and we are hoping for smooth sailing through this healing process.

Victoria, I was going to have readers give me comments to write on Rafer's cast - but it is covered with a "sleeve" and so we can't autograph it!

Great news about Arlene - thanks for passing that on. I agree - we're making swirls of our own, hurricanes notwithstanding!

jme said...

what an eccentric kitty! so glad everyone had a good day and that rafer is not having any trouble with his cast. i still have no idea how they move around with those things!

billie said...

jme, if that pose is eccentric, you'll have to see what we call her "drunk woman" pose. :0

Rafer went right outside his stall tonight to graze a little. We would never leave him to do that without close supervision, but what I'm seeing so far is that he self-limits. He makes a little circle instead of heading out into the further reaches of the barnyard.

He was so happy to get some green stuff.

Twinville said...

No. That bowl of yours is full to overflowing! hehe
What a gorgeous kitty. She reminds me of a beautiful Maine Coone I had years ago. So full of feminine alure. hehe

I've been waiting to see a photo of Rafer ever since I stopped by after visiting the 7MSN. I'm so glad to finally see the famous Rafer Johnson.

He looks so small and meek in this photo perspective though. What a brave soul he is.

Best wishes for a speedy recovery, Rafer!

of Laughing Orca Ranch
in New Mexico

billie said...

Hi, Lisa, and thanks - Rafer Johnson is the furthest from meek one could get - but I agree this photo shows his subdued side.

I don't have the convenient labels that make it easy to go back and look, but there are many Rafer Johnson photos in the archives, as well as a video that shows him in full jumping mode. :)

When there's a lot going on I tend to take less photos, even though I know it makes things more interesting on the blog!

I'm terrible about letting my camera battery run down, too.

Thanks for stopping by - I remember your posts awhile back about the double and triple and wasn't there even a quadruple yolk egg? I was fascinated!

Rising Rainbow said...

I have to say the cat in the bowl is pretty darn good. They are such silly creatures.

Yesterday, I washed out my little frigde I use for horse shows and had it propped open to dry. One of my cats was napping on top and the other was napping on the middle shelf. Unfortunately could not locate my camera.

billie said...

LOL, MiKael - I wish you had had your camera - what a shot!