Wednesday, September 10, 2008

rainy days, a writing spider, and a much-loved donkey

We've had more rain today, a rather soft but steady rainfall that sets the tone for a quiet, peaceful afternoon.

Last night when I went to let Keil Bay out of his stall after his dinner, there was a huge and lovely writing spider with her web right at the handle of the stall door - there was no way I could miss it.

At first I took her presence as a sign that I needed to write about Keil Bay. Then, that I should write about the horses instead of the novel. Then, that I should just write, period. It has been a dry week in that regard. But finally, I wondered if perhaps Keil Bay has a book in him, something that might be snatched up by HBO and made into a series, putting me into early retirement and the Big Bay into the limelight.

Later in the evening I was in Rafer's stall. His mood was very perky and mischievous, and he gently butted me from behind as I was fluffing his hay pile. This morning my good friend emailed to say that last night, the entire Reiki group she leads sent Reiki to Rafer Johnson! I think it worked!

This afternoon I managed to get the camera out in honor of a USPS delivery that arrived after lunch.

Check out Rafer Johnson's Wall of Love!

He has a beautiful card from his family of origin: Ken, Marty, and Redford. Inside, the card says "Heal." What a perfect mantra for a donkey growing new bone!

He has his branch to de-bark, his Jolly ball, his lick ball (in the white tub to keep out flies and ants), and a cardboard box full of balled up socks (they even have horses on them!)

But, the piece de resistance is the new Sheaffer poster that came today. The caption says: My excellence confuses you.


And as you see, Rafer Johnson was thrilled. He took a moment to pay homage to his good cyber-friend Sheaffer.

Even Keil Bay came to check it out!

I also got a Sheaffer mug for coffee. Head on over to Sheaffer's place and you can follow the link over there if you'd like to support donkey rescue.


jme said...

i love a good rainy day... we had some wicked storms yesterday (and my internet went out a few days earlier from a storm,) but today was sunny and cool for a nice change, and the horses were feeling it!

don't think i'd know a writing spider if i saw one (but then i usually try not to look! me and spiders try to stay out of each other's way...)

he's one lucky donkey - can you come and decorate my little office at work so i don't get bored? ;-)

mamie said...

Did I ever smile at the pictures! Sounds like things are moving in the right direction over there. And the rain did make for a very un-productive day at my house. Nice.

billie said...

jme: What we call "writing spiders" down here are often referred to as garden spiders - the yellow and black ones that make the zigzag patterns in the center of their webs.

I have always been terrified of spiders (although at the same time somewhat fascinated by them - and totally in love with Charlotte from Charlotte's Web).

I'm still not able to deal with the really big ones, but I can now walk through a web without freaking and the ballerina spiders in the house are under my protection. :)

I think it was when they came to represent writing/creating for me that I was able to feel some camaraderie with them.

I would love to decorate your office with anti-boredom in mind, but I doubt you'd get any work done if I did - :)

billie said...

Mamie - glad you enjoyed the photos. I had a blast taking them.

And we have yet another day of rain!

It's such a different season than last year's, with the milder temps and regular rain.