Sunday, August 12, 2007


It was a long week with the heat, but it broke on Friday and right now it's still in the seventies outside.

The heat and the fact that I had to miss my writing group this week have put me off course with editing. Wednesday evening I came home and worked hard, but not reading on Thursday was disappointing and I haven't yet gone back to the pages. Today's the day, because I've promised to swap my first 50 with another writer.

Yesterday morning I did the usual Saturday morning feed store/errand run, but then met a friend for coffee and we both lost track of time completely - what had been intended to be an hour or so of chat morphed into four hours! It was the angle of the sun that made me think finally to check the time.

It's rare I get the chance to do that these days, and it reminded me of Saturdays when I was twenty-something, and losing time with friends on the weekend was the way of things.

As soon as I got home my children and I took off for my parents' house, where we celebrated three birthdays: a forty -year old brother, a fifteen-year old nephew, and a four-year old nephew. There was steak on the grill, Blue Moons and Cokes, an impromptu pomegranate martini for me, and sips of coconut rum all around. And cake and ice cream, of course.

We got home just before eleven and it felt like I had spent the entire day in one long, continuous conversation.

It was nice.

Now I'm going to create my day by writing it here: a shower and some yogurt with granola, a walk to the barn to deliver a hello and treats, (I had the morning off barn chores, thanks to Matthew) a long and productive writing session, a late lunch, and a ride on Keil Bay when the sun drops. And I plan to end this day with a gin and tonic on the front porch, listening to the horses snorting in the front field.


Jason said...

Sounds like some great days to me...

billie said...

It was a great day. No gin and tonic though, as the tonic got all drunk up by my daughter. Seltzer, plain, and two episodes of Brideshead Revisited as it had got dark out as well. I need a little lantern for the front porch.

Matthew said...

You sent me to the dictionary with that one!

billie said...

Ha - I plucked it from my very long list of "cool words." It has a certain substance I liked for this post.