Saturday, August 25, 2007


I've decided to go on hiatus here at camera-obscura to focus on writing and riding and spending whatever extra time I have enjoying the transition from summer to fall.

Take care, and check back in later in the season!

QUICK UPDATE on Sept. 13th:

Good week, although hectic. Keil Bay and I had a fantastic lesson yesterday. He is moving like a dream and starting to get so responsive to my half-halts, which makes transitions from walk to trot to canter and back down again so much better. We are doing turns on the forehands and haunches now and FINALLY I'm making some progress getting my legs independent from one another with the leg aids. And working on hands and rein aids as the rest of my body is stable.

Writing group - read pgs. 85-100 today and everyone said HUGE leap forward after the editing. Lots of banter about the characters and the story and where it's going - excitement all around. I am thrilled.

It's supposed to rain a LOT here tomorrow. Keep your fingers crossed that it does, as we desperately need it.

Onward with the skeet shooting items on my to do list.


Anonymous said...

Best of luck to you. I'll check back periodically to see if you have finished. :-)


billie said...

Thank you, L, I miss writing here already but have gotten a LOT of work done on the revisions, so I think it was the right decision.

I'll look forward to seeing you a bit later on!

Anonymous said...

Good luck with the revisions. I hope you grab onto the soul of the story and drag it out into the light.

Peggy Payne said...

Good move. You and your work will prevail.

billie said...

Thanks, Jason and Peggy.

It's definitely the time for a narrowed focus wrt the revision.

It rained here yesterday and that felt right going into this week ahead.

Matthew said...

I hope your work on the revisions goes well. Looking forward to reading more here when you return.

billie said...

Thanks, Matthew. I was thinking today that there is so much going on I feel like a skeet shooter - basically all I can track right now is the very next thing that has to be done.

In some ways this is liberating, and in others, stressful.

The most centered I felt today was working with the horses and the cow blanket in the arena. (basically having them walk across a very loudly printed black and white blanket that one of our horses is very spooked by - all this in the name of bomb-proofing, building confidence, and strengthening the bond with the horse)

The wind was blowing and the sun was shining and the horses responded so well - there was no sense of needing anything else in that moment.

Revisions are... slow. But I have had a breakthrough with a bigger issue writing-wise, and it's all going well. I did so much work at Weymouth it had to slow down a bit once I got back.

shara said...

Feel at a loss for words lately. Maybe it's time to go back and do some editing, listen to myself, listen to someone else for a change. I'm inside my own head too much, that's the problem, I'll go live inside someone else's for awhile. Hope your summer/fall transition & your editing continues to go well.

billie said...

Hi, Shara - I noticed you have been quiet on your blog as well!

Funny -- the editing feedback I have gotten lately is to pare out the "summing up" or "trying to make sense of" what happens with the characters in my novel.

When I did that, everything seemed clearer and less forced.

I'm wondering about how that translates to my life. :)

Maybe this is just a time we need to listen and observe but not record? I don't know. Keep me posted from you end.