Thursday, August 23, 2007


For some reason I'm ending the week in a state of exhaustion - there has been a lot going on and while most of it is good stuff, I'm drained.

My revision is going well, but it is not a quick process, and every change seems to involve deeper digging to get the exact right tone and voice. It's pushing me to "earn" every line, and I love it. For some odd reason when one ms is going well, ideas for other ones seem to increase exponentially. I have been making notes for other books in progress almost every day.

I've been busy with clients. This is a time when lots of referrals seem to come through. And former clients return for booster shots. It's an honor that also demands balance to do well.

I'm doing Adequan injections this month for the seniors (equine) and that involves, of course, needles. Another energy drain. But wonderful for the equines.

The pony is jumping 2'9 - big wow - not so much that he can do it, but that he's doing it so beautifully. This means he will likely do beginner novice events in the late spring. Lots of work to do toward that end.

The summer is feeling endless and a bit unbearable to me right now. We need rain badly. It feels like a good thunderstorm and an inch or more of rain would clear the air, quench the dry earth's thirst, and boost my spirits.


Anonymous said...

I was pretty tired today myself. I don't think rain would have hepled, though. I think I actually needed a second cup of coffee. :-) I hope you get the rain you need and maybe a nice, restful weekend, too.


billie said...

Hi, L - you reminded me that I never actually got the first latte yesterday! I was rushing to get to writing group and didn't get around to making the latte.

On some level I must have been trying to rectify that last night - I went by Starbucks and ordered a soy latte (venti, no less) but when I got it to the car realized they had given me a soy chai instead. I was too exhausted to go back in and exchange it!

I'm starting today with my regular soy latte and hoping for some energy. :)

You have a good weekend too!