Saturday, August 18, 2007

look who we met today

His name is Rafer Johnson and he is coming to live with us in the new year, after he weans from his mom, Contessa.

It is just not possible to describe how cute and sweet he is. He's very good at conveying that himself!


Anonymous said...

Such an adorable little guy!

billie said...

You will totally fall in love with him. He is just amazing.

Anonymous said...

oh. my. gosh. That is the cutest creature ever. I love him.

billie said...

Amy! I've been saying over and over all weekend: "He's as cute as a pie."

We are so very excited - visiting him probably every weekend between now and January.

Today he and his mom left the "nursery" where they've been together alone since his birth one month ago - I had an email from the owner/breeders that he was running around the pasture with his nose in the air, squeaking with delight!

Jason Evans said...

Adorable.... Great pix... What do you do with horses that size ?? Other than ooh and ahh ??

Great pix btw.

billie said...

Jason, he's a miniature donkey - they can actually be trained to drive a cart when they are fully mature around age 3, and can carry a pack at that age as well.

We are getting him as a companion for the horses - he will be able to stay behind with any single horse if we haul 3 to ride off our property, or can travel as a companion to the pony when he goes to shows.

Miniature donkeys also have reputations for being very therapeutic and calming - they're sometimes used in nursing homes, believe it or not! I will very likely use him with clients at some point.

We were sitting on the ground inside the "nursery" for over two hours, and Contessa and Rafer were perfect companions. They were careful not to bump into us and we got many kisses as well as "hugs" - when they rest their head on your shoulder. :)

Anonymous said...

He's adorable! I think it's sweet that the donkeys were careful not to bump into people. That says nice things about them.

billie said...

Anon, it is hard to describe just how nice they were. Horses have their own magic, but this was very different. I remarked several times at how loving these donkeys were, and the owners said it's their natural way, that if you encounter a miniature donkey that *isn't* like this something has happened to destroy their natural trust and curiosity.

Our horses are very loving, especially Cody, but I guess the smallness of the donkeys makes it different.