Wednesday, August 15, 2007

autumn aubade

Yesterday morning summer suddenly turned to fall. The blue of the sky was different, the angle of sun had shifted, and autumn's breeze blew through here like a song.

Today we hit 99 and tomorrow 101, then one more 99 degree day on Friday before the highs drop into the eighties for the weekend. This is how it starts. Hours of autumn and then days. And then somehow it is here.

In the meantime the butterflies are keeping me enchanted.


Jason Evans said...

Nice photo.... I'm looking forward to my first Fall here in SP...

One question... Where did the summer go ??

billie said...

Jason, you'll love fall here. It's gorgeous. And if you haven't been to the mtns. in fall, go. I'm hoping to get up there for at least a long weekend before cold weather hits.

This summer seems more fleeting than summers past. In some ways it has been so solidly *here* - but it also feels like it's slipped by when I wasn't looking.