Monday, June 11, 2007

where I was/what I did

My room this trip, where I managed to get through the entire ms and dropped the page count by 45 pages!

The writers' kitchen:

The writers' library:

The writers' porch:

Another view:


Matthew said...

A beautiful place, beautifully photographed.

shara said...

It looks so quiet, you'd be able to hear your thoughts working in a place with walls and furniture like that.

billie said...

Matthew, as you know, I love working there. It has so many interesting rooms and angles - I've never really explored the photography side of the place, but someone should.

Shara, it is mostly a very quiet place to stay and work. When they have activities downstairs, which is essentially what pays the bills for the writers to be there w/o a fee, there can be some distraction. But the interesting thing is even an outdoor wedding or indoor reception can go unnoticed depending where your room is. The walls are incredibly thick and the sound just doesn't come through.

I've been there many times when there was nothing at all going on. During those times, it feels very much as though I live there, but without any responsibilities for the upkeep. :)

I should add - there are ghosts there, and a number of writers who go don't go back b/c they feel uncomfortable with the spirits. In the room I stayed in this time, I often notice that someone sits on the bed after I make it up each morning, leaving a very definite impression. And there's often the sense that someone is hovering in the bedroom doorway.

Each room seems to have its own quirks, none of which bother me or affect my writing.

I'll put up a few photos taken outside later on.

Matthew said...

I think good photography requires an emotional connection with the subject and an interest in exploring it through the lens.

You obviously have that with Weymouth and the other subjects you cover photographically here.

Joni said...

Beautiful! And it sounds as if it was productive too. Fantastic!

Thanks for sharing the lovely photos.

billie said...

Thanks, Matthew. I think the reason I haven't taken many photos there is the camera. I should stock up on Tri-X film (if they even still make it) and take my trusty Nikon down there next trip. But then I'd want to process the film/prints myself, so...


Joni, I've meant to say this before, but if you've published poetry or stories or articles and would like a writing retreat, you should apply! There are a number of poets who regularly work there, and at least once they've published a volume of poetry written at and/or inspired by the place.