Saturday, June 09, 2007

process at weymouth

I've taken a few photos but will add them later, as the dial-up here is slow and I'm not wanting to take much time away from writing to upload them.

We have a full house of wonderful NC women writers, and the writing energy here is lovely this trip. It's part of the magic of this place - the mansion's aura and history of the Boyds who owned it, and the ripples left here by all the great writers who came to visit, and still do.

My work started well and has continued. I'm reordering some of the novel, adding in some new pieces, and editing as I go. For some reason the re-sequencing is particularly difficult for me, but being able to do it here, with absolutely no interruption, makes it seem easier.

Once I do it I immediately realize the improvement in the book and then I'm fine.

It always seems I know on an unconscious level what it is I need to do, and once my conscious mind accepts that, trusts that, really, it falls together perfectly.

I'm noticing too a clarity of vision as I edit - which I suspect comes from the writing group - that's making it easy to cut the superfluous words and phrases. Again, it is stunning how cutting the fat makes what is left so much sharper and more powerful.

I've not ventured out as much this trip, although I will put in a plug for a new restaurant in town, The Bell Tree, which has yummy shrimp and grits and a gorgeous bar for later night drinks.

There was a benefit auction here Thursday night, and a wedding today, but somehow all the activities downstairs seem to stay separate from the writers' haven upstairs.


shara said...

wishing you continued good editing and re-ordering, and the shrimp & late night drinks sound lovely

billie said...

Thanks Shara -- we didn't get to do the late night drink thing mostly due to budgeting and being selfish with our time, but it was fun perusing the drink menu all the same. :)

We had a lovely little "pot luck" in the kitchen last night, with everyone making some dinner and all sharing various spirits we'd brought along.

The communal kitchen experiences here are priceless. Four writers in a tiny kitchen telling stories end to end for three hours! One of the best parts of being here.

Matthew said...

Sounds like you all are having a productive and enjoyable time. See you soon!

billie said...

Tomorrow! :)