Tuesday, June 05, 2007

happy tuesday

First, my daughter and I went to CDI-Raleigh this past weekend to catch some Grand Prix level dressage, and found this gorgeous hand-painted Welcome plaque for the front door. Frederique, the artist, has so many gorgeous things for horse lovers. Check out some of her wares here.

Yesterday, another agent requested a full ms of the first novel, so off it went. I am delighted to be getting such a wonderful response to the queries I've sent out.

Also yesterday, my husband brought home these gorgeous hanging baskets in honor of our wedding anniversary! The front porch just gets more and more beautiful. I may have to move out there for good.

Happy anniversary, Matthew, and thank you!

And, finally, I am heading off for a very long weekend at Weymouth, where I'll be enjoying the company of a good writer friend Lela and also working hard on the second novel revision. Weymouth is a tremendous gift to writers here, and I am thankful it's available for writing retreats.

More on location!


Peggy Payne said...

Happy anniversary, and say hi to Lela.

billie said...

Thanks, Peggy - Lela and I will toast you at dinner one night. :)

Matthew said...

Thank you Billie for everything you do for me, for our home, and for our family (including all the four-legged members, of course!) I am very happy and lucky to be your husband.

And have a great time at Weymouth with Lela, with much productive writing. . .

billie said...

Wow, Matthew, that is sweet. :) Thank you too.

Yay, Weymouth! I'm happy to be writing, and grateful knowing you'll be here taking care of home.

Anonymous said...

Happy anniversary Bille and Matthew! Best wishes to you both.

I'm keeping my fingers crossed on the submissions you have out. I'm sure we'll seeing good news posted here soon. :)

billie said...

Thank you, Jason. It will be my delight to post some good book-related news very soon. :)