Friday, June 15, 2007

breaking news!

Cody, our 4-year old Quarter Horse, did his very first jumping lesson today. He trotted and cantered, on the lunge line, over 18"cross rails and then 2' verticals. And did it quite beautifully, too!

I was simply unwilling to take my eyes off him long enough to grab the camera and take photos.

I told my daughter, "well, there's your C-1 horse." To rate C-1 in Pony Club, you have to jump 2'6" - and we're not sure the pony can do that before my daughter outgrows him. No worries now, at least not for my husband, who has been watching me careen through "next horse" adverts for the past year.

Cody was so proud after. And snuggly. A great Pony Club mount. :)


Matthew said...

I wish I had seen it!

billie said...

You will - he will be jumping regularly from now on, I suspect.