Thursday, June 21, 2007

summer solstice/the longest day

This pretty much says it all about the longest day of the year:

And our little strip of unmown "meadow" with its volunteer wildflowers is my new favorite image of summertime.

Enjoy this longest day.


shara said...

Dogs are such sensible creatures, and the meadow is lovely. Hope you have a beautiful day.

billie said...

Thank you, Shara... I woke up this morning thinking I had the whole day free and then suddenly remembered, duh, no I don't - I have writing group!

Which is a good thing but somehow I love those long days with nothing on the schedule.

It's funny how things become different if you let go of the norm... the "meadow" got very green and beautiful this spring and I had thoughts of letting the horses graze it, even though it isn't currently fenced in. So we didn't mow. Then the mower had an issue and the meadow got a bit out of control and for awhile I saw it as a chore desperately needing to be done. At some point the wildflowers started blooming and the grass got really tall and it became something altogether different - a very evocative piece of our property, windblown and studded with the most alluring flowers. Now it's getting shaggy but I still don't want to mow it until the wildflowers are done!

Same thing with the brush pile - I fussed about it all winter and suddenly it reduced itself and has the most lovely crop of volunteer green things and flowering things growing there - one a gigantic sunflower!

The lesson in this is not escaping me. :)

shara said...

I loved the descriptions of the meadow and the brush pile growing into themselves. If you cut back the meadow, will you get a second bloom?

billie said...

That's funny, Shara, Matthew mowed the meadow this very weekend hoping for the second bloom. :)

It looks so bare now, but I hope will give another show before the end of the season!