Thursday, March 22, 2007

two more stripes in the rainbow of spring

On the front porch, yellow.

And in the front field, pink.

A quick glance at Biedermann and Cooper yields this on rainbows:

the manifestation of divine benevolence, transfiguration, heavenly glory, different states of consciousness, the bridge between the world and Paradise, and an omen of future wealth and the finding of treasure.

If you look around, I bet you can find a rainbow too.


Anonymous said...

Beautiful pictures and sentiment. I like how the yellow is reaching into your living space. A great metaphor for the impact of spring.

billie said...

I definitely have a penchant for the wild and slightly invasive landscaping style. It's difficult to cut things back.

The loveliest thing in the early spring is the whimsical forsythia gone wild, like yellow crayon scrubbed down hard in long willowy squiggles on the still winter background.

I see them sometimes pruned, and it seems so... painful.

Ash said...

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