Monday, March 12, 2007

the good life

In many ways, today seemed like the first real day of spring. The sun was warm, the flowers blooming. Birdsong like a chorus coming from every direction. Barn swallows arrowing out of the barn when I walked in.

After breakfast, two horses got massages while the cats chased one another, explored the massage therapist's truck, and finally settled down for a mid-morning collapse.

Suddenly it was quiet, except for the occasional soft snort of a relaxed horse, the distant call of a bird.

Nowhere to be but right here.


Anonymous said...

Such a living moment. The warm hush shines through in the picture.

Joni said...

Man. I don't know who I'm more jealous of: the horses getting a massage, the cats napping in the sun or you taking it all in.

Very nice, Billie!

billie said...

Jason: Warm hush is exactly what it was. That's the perfect way to describe it.

Joni: It was my weekly service. :)

Matthew said...

A very good life. :-)

billie said...

I try to make time to feel grateful for it every single day. :)