Thursday, March 01, 2007

best birthday present ever

This is a portrait of my horse, Keil Bay, given to me last night for my birthday. I was stunned - it is absolutely gorgeous and captures the essence of Keil, whose nickname is The King. He is powerful and brilliant and kind and wise, and oh so expressive. I see him every day, of course, but the photograph is very special and I will always treasure it.

Thank you, Matthew.


Matthew said...

You are very welcome, love.

Joseph Gallo said...

Wonderful portrait of your horse. Belated birthday wishes to you, Billie. I've been remiss in visiting my friends on the web due to much writing of late and have to catch up. Love what you've posted recently and will comment where appropriate. :-)

billie said...

Thanks, Joseph.

Keep writing - the web will be here when you're done. :)