Sunday, February 11, 2007

the view from Friday

In the sky, one of many:

In the barn, Dickens (E. Wickens) peaks out from behind Keats (aka Weats-Anne, aka Wee)

Jungian aside:

The photo I had saved for today would not open. It was titled "The Shadows of Things" and the computer informed me the file was probably corrupt. Maybe time to move on to the Real Thing, versus Shadows. :)


shara said...

The thing about deciding what's a sign and what isn't is that you can also pick and choose as to the sign's meaning, depending on what pattern you see it fitting into. I'm thinking of coming out of the shadows myself one of these days. Just depends on whether I can convince myself I won't fade once I'm in the sunlight. Oh and don't I just sound silly saying that, but oh well. That's the thought that came to mind, so I'm sticking with it.

billie said...

Not silly at all!

I seem to be mildly obsessed in my photographs and novels with light and shadow and darkness, and in the most recent ms, which I'm soon to be back to working on, I have begun to explore synchronicity and "signs."

In fact, the working title is Signs.


If the sunlight is too harsh, you can always step back into shadow/shade for respite.


shara said...

Billie, I have so many books I want to write, but because I seem to be doing always so many things at once I don't know how to buckle down and concentrate on just one thing, or even pick the one thing to concentrate on. Would it be very much trouble if you did a post, or series of them, or emailed me and told me how you got started on the first one?

billie said...

Shara, it is really *funny* -- I had just typed in some more Naipaul quotes and saved it as a draft b/c I had no idea how to use them exactly in a post, but now that you commented again, I see what it's all about. :)

I would LOVE to do a few posts and will snap this one right out, b/c it was calling out already to be born.