Friday, February 16, 2007

blue sky pine

Out walking the back field this morning after feeding and throwing hay, I began to pace off the area where I'm planning to put a small barn with studio loft. This will involve taking down some trees, so I walked the fence line trying to decide where the best site is that would take down the least number. I don't like removing trees.

The place I'd originally visualized is not the best - if I shift it there's a larger, flatter, clearer space - but the loft windows would not open onto the view I wanted inside the field.

More pondering needed.

I also want a 3-bay shed with hay loft and found a plan for one last night that is exactly what I was thinking of. This morning I walked it off as well. I can visualize the lay-out but once again, it requires tree removal and careful spacing because of our need to allow for horse trailer turn-around as well as dump-truck access for delivery of shavings.

I love thinking through these things. We can't do them all right away, but imagining, in great detail, the possibilities, makes me happy.

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