Wednesday, February 14, 2007

our own true song

Finding our own true song is about relinquishing the burden of ego and the false choruses that it sings.

...our own deep song is forever singing its beautiful melody beyond the reach of our ears. When we act sincerely, when we speak from the heart, when our passion is engaged, the true song is heard in all its glory.

--from Caitlin Matthews' The Celtic Spirit


shara said...

Oh Billie, what a gorgeous picture, the blue, translucent, the grey sky, those stark beautiful trees, who could want roses & chocolate?

billie said...

Thank you... :)

It was my horse's day off after three days of work and an excellent lesson yesterday, so I had time to play with the camera.

I forgot it was Valentine's day until my husband came home!

I gave out my valentine treats last night.


Matthew said...

That is such a beautiful photograph, and quote too. Thank you for sharing them.