Wednesday, February 21, 2007

in search of spring

It seems to be arriving. Yesterday Keil Bay and I were both sweating after our lesson. It's been awhile since I had to sponge him after a ride!

Salina is getting a bit bossier the past few days. Monday she absolutely rebelled against the pony being in her stall while awaiting his massage therapy. Squealing and switching her tail and spinning with her ears pinned.

Cody tossing the feed bucket in the air.

Apache and Cody running and rearing like wild things in the field.

And then, this morning, look what I found:

The first daffodil! Spring is definitely here.

P/S: new sign just in - Keil Bay at the water trough using a hoof to thoroughly wet himself down before rolling! That would have been a fantastic photo but alas, I did not have the camera.


Jason said...

First of the flower shots of the year... I've never seen the area "in bloom" and am looking forward to seeing it in March/April

billie said...

You're in for a treat. Weymouth Gardens is just stunning. And you should definitely put the Rose Garden and the Arboretum, both in Raleigh, on your list of places to visit. Take your camera!!