Monday, November 13, 2006


I've been trying to get the three ravens in a photo to no avail, and didn't have the camera with me the morning I saw the stand of vultures, probably twenty-five or so, in a roadside field.

But my husband came home tonight with a gift - this lovely photo of three vultures, a nice compromise, particularly in silhouette.

Thank you, Matthew.


Anonymous said...

You're most welcome.

Joni said...

Lovely shot. Thanks Matthew, and thanks for sharing it Billie.

Peggy Payne said...

Why three? Did I miss something?

billie said...

There have been three ravens following me around for the past two years, basically. :) I've been trying to take their picture, but they haven't cooperated yet!


Joseph Gallo said...

Deep Careers

It is said ravens carry the sorrow of the world. Were it not for their colorlessness, the stars would lie strewn in feathers on the ground.

Only the night knows their confession,
half-veiled in shadowlight reflected from
some distant source of bitter darkness.

Gather for me their sorrowed leavings,
negrid bristles smoothed by blue heights,
the cackled stones of their deep careers.

Bring them through my open window
where the graven purr of their early limbs
settles bleakly on the dawning sill.

Make of them for me a draught of tea,
tendered in a fragile cup, steeping
at my bedside before I rouse my waking up.

Joseph Gallo
July 1999

billie said...

Wow, Joseph, what a beautiful poem. Thank you.

This photo actually embodies almost exactly what I think of when I "see" the cover of my third book.

The poem could easily go in the front of the book.

All of which makes me want to dive head-long into the first whole book edit. :)


Joni said...

Beautiful Joseph. Just beautiful.