Wednesday, November 01, 2006

samhain/summer's end

I have become fascinated with the cycling of seasons and the Celtic celebrations that follow them.

Here at our farm, November Hill, (named because this is my favorite month) the trees are brilliant, blazing with reds, oranges, yellows that seem that much more vivid against the evergreens. The horses are munching on acorns - huge numbers this year - and galloping/bucking/rearing in what I imagine is pure delight that the season of biting insects is nearly over.

Out by the edges of our property, if you stand and listen/watch closely, you can see the deer moving through the woods.

Wooly worms, three-quarters rust and a bit of black this year, supposedly indicate we're in for a long autumn and short winter, but the huge numbers of acorns seems to counter that notion.

Samhain meant to the Celts that the dark part of the year was approaching, and the doorways to "other" worlds, faery, the dead, etc. were open more than usual. It's a good time of year for taking stock of what you have, what you want, and what you can leave behind. On many levels. It's also a good time for listening.

I've been clearing spaces that have been cluttered all year: the garage, the tack room, shelves around the house. Along with that I find myself emptying my to do lists, and my mind of cluttering thoughts. Letting new ideas pop into that new space.

The still cold air of early morning really helps the process.


Anonymous said...

Along with that I find myself emptying my to do lists, and my mind of cluttering thoughts. Letting new ideas pop into that new space.

What a fabulous thing to do. Space for new ideas - what a novel concept.

Joseph Gallo said...

A time for Novembrances, to be sure. Joni suggested I visit your website and I'm glad I did. Scanned the excerpts from your work, liked what I read, and followed the dark rabbit here.

Bravo to you and your work, o' fellow wonderer of things small and still.

billie said...


there used to be a t-shirt that said "my head is full of children" - mine is full of my own children, the clients I see, and the characters I write... finding a way to empty the space has become a sort of journey for me.

I am so easily entangled in the minutiae of the day!

it's funny and quite wonderful how the solution to puzzles and problems come fully formed when I manage to clear my head for a time.


welcome! thank you for the kind words. I took a little trip to your site and am quite stunned - what beautiful words and images... every single entry. I will definitely head back later this evening when I have time to read slowly and savor.

I hope both of you come visit often. It feels like a gift to have your sites there to go to - I'm in need of poetry right now!


billie said...

thanks, wendy... I am not really sure why november is a favored time of year - the intense autumn color and the end to the southern summer torpor act in concert - it's almost like coming out of a trance for me.

it's generally my most productive writing month, and that certainly makes me happy.