Saturday, November 18, 2006

simple pleasures

Today we got hay from our favorite local hay grower. He has the most beautiful, organic orchard grass hay around, and has been very generous in loaning his farm truck when our minivan died and we lost our hay transport vehicle.

Now we can get a good-sized load in the horse trailer, and when my husband pulled up with the hay around noon, I ran out, as I always do, to watch the bales being stacked in our hay room.

I do not know why this gives me so much pleasure.

I suppose it comes from all the years of wanting horses at home and finally having them. The hay is the full cupboard, akin to the full house feeling of standing in the barn aisle at feeding time while four heads wait patiently over stall doors.

And then Keil Bay knees his stall door with one huge bang. Reverie has its limits.

Next to getting hay, I love when the shavings guy dumps our huge load. It lies beneath the blue tarp like a huge cat sleeping, or a small whale waiting. The cats, Osage, Dickens, and Keats, careen down the sides and eventually end up on top, like Sphinxes.

Putting clean shavings in means forking them into the wheelbarrow multiple times and emptying, one load after the other, into the stalls. My favorite part is to spread the shavings, bank them against the stall walls, smooth them out, feel the springy, fragrant pine beneath my feet. The equivalent of making a bed up with crisp clean sheets. The thought of rest to come.

When we moved here to our farm, a full year ago, I imagined my pleasure in these simple things would pale with the repetition.

It hasn't.


Joni said...

That is just so cool. Good for you.

billie said...

Much like your tire incident, I'm focusing on the good things right now, instead of the slight overwhelm that we have to get up and out of here, pony included, by 7 a.m. tomorrow... daughter and pony in their first recognized show.

She was out at nine cleaning the stains off his white areas and fretting over his "feathers" - the little whirls of hair above his fetlocks. Currently washing saddle pads, helmet cover, etc.

She has a packing list for shows.

And I thought packing two kids and a husband for two weeks at the beach was hard! :)


Joni said...

I hope they did great!

billie said...

Third place!

First show ever on this pony, first recognized show ever, period.

It was a wonderful day.