Monday, October 05, 2020

This and That, or My Distracted Day

 I’ve been reading too much news coverage the past 48 hours and I feel like I’ve had about 5 extra shot lattes. Time to cut back on news and Twitter.

Meanwhile, a couple of the outfits I ordered arrived today and I was rocketed back to Hanna Andersson catalogs and the absolute softness of this cotton clothing.  

The asters are coming in! And the bees are going nuts. I’m loving this combo.

My daughter had one of her lovely photos included in Ocean Conservancy’s 2021 calendar! She’s a rock star!

I moved the pumpkins to the ledge where we’ll enjoy them coming, going, and even glancing out the front windows.

I hung the fall horse wreaths on the gate. They’re gorgeous but 1) the photo in full blazing sunlight washes everything out, and 2) I need to do my annual tung oil application.

The new native plant pollinator doubling as rain garden bed. I’ll profile the plants in subsequent posts, but I’m really happy with how I think this will look next spring and summer. Did I get smarter about layout and weaving in heights/colors/textures/something blooming all the time? We shall see!

This post represents completely the state of my brain and my day. Hopefully tomorrow will bring some relaxed thinking and more focus!


Grey Horse Matters said...

I'm pretty sure your brain won't get any relief any time soon.
Love the outfits! So cute!
Congratulations to your daughter, great picture and a real honor. She's very talented.
I'm sure your garden will look wonderful come Spring and Summer. Your flowers look very pretty along with the pumpkins and wreaths.
Hang in there!

billie said...

Haha - you are probably right about my brain!

Thanks and you hang in too!