Friday, October 02, 2020

Good thoughts for the Big Bay

 Two days ago Keil Bay suddenly had an issue with his hind end being noticeably weak, particular on the left side, and it got better, worse, and better again by today’s vet appointment. He’s had a full neurological exam, much bloodwork, and the vet suspects it might be EPM. We have a good treatment plan in place until test results are in, and a tentative plan depending on his lab results. 

Meanwhile we’re starting acupuncture and increased vitamin E as supportive therapies that will help no matter what the diagnosis.

Keil is 31, and he’s been the healthiest animal on the farm from the day he came home with me. He’s also my dream horse and while I know I have to be ready for anything, it’s so hard to imagine him sick or incapacitated. Last night I cried until my eyes were swollen, imagining the worst, and today I feel much more hopeful that this is not as terrible as I thought last night, but we would love whatever good energy anyone wants to send his way. 

Today, I sat and watched him after the vet left and who would ever think this handsome guy is 31? He’s the King. :)


Grey Horse Matters said...

Until you get a definitive diagnosis I wouldn't get myself crazy. It may turn out to be nothing. Keil is the King and he's a strong happy horse. Aging affects our horses in different ways, maybe he's just getting arthritic or sore. I realize how hard it is to not know and also to wonder when his time will come to leave. We all do it. It's not easy to watch them age and slow down. But he looks very healthy and strong. Good luck and think good thoughts as I will be doing for him and you.

billie said...

Thank you!!

Calm, Forward, Straight said...

Hoping it's just a temporary blip on Keil Bay's radar. <3 <3 <3

We've had very good results with daily turmeric. Val went from serious stiffness issues getting up from laying down and rolling, where he was obviously in pain, to rolling over onto both sides and hopping up comfortably.

billie said...

Oh, so glad Val is doing well with the turmeric - it sounds like that has made a huge difference for him. Keil has been on a turmeric based supplement for years, as well as therapeutic doses of glucosamine, chondroitin, HA gel, and avocado soy. Based on his movement and that roll all the way over and get up thing that I celebrate in the entire herd, I’ve not seen what I’d consider any stiffness or pain. He was cantering up the hill like his usual self the day before this presented. This symptom really happened overnight, and it seems neurological in nature. He still has his panther walk and he is tracking up most of the time, but there’s a definite leaning, weak/wonky thing happening that seems to come and go. I am hopeful this is something treatable. The vet is seeing a lot of EPM right now in our area and unless blood tests red flag for Lyme or something else very specific in nature, she wants us to treat for EPM even if that test is negative because of a second protozoa that isn’t testable yet that can also cause this kind of symptom. I have had several things on the side burner to pull in for arthritic changes and stiffness - thanks to Salina, who taught me more than I wanted to know about that! I’m trying not to stress out, do feel hopeful, and am really grateful for all good thoughts and reassurances and ideas. He has hoof trim and chiro coming up in the next two weeks, so between the acupuncture and those two things, I’m hoping we can support him. Also have a friend (his massage therapist and mine) who has offered to bring her PEMF (I think I’m getting the letters right!) device over. It’s also true that he has been so healthy for such a long life span I am going to have to force myself into accepting that he is definitely in the elderly age range and not immortal. (Sigh) but also smiling at how long he has pulled off making me think he is!