Tuesday, October 20, 2020

A few farm photos

 My husband took this one the other morning and I love the foggy landscape, the redbud leaves now yellow, and a certain Bear Corgi showing off his home.

This is one large cluster of asters in the pollinator bed. There are two other large clusters as well, and I can tell you that if you want to support bees, whether honey bees, native bees or all of the above, this is a must-have for autumn forage. It’s covered on these sunny fall days.

Here’s one of our girls foraging, with already full pollen baskets!

I also noticed and took a photo today (but it isn’t loading on my ipad via icloud and I don’t have phone with me at the moment) of my climbing asters newly planted this summer. They kept getting nibbled back by bunnies until we fenced them off, and then they leafed out nicely. They now have buds soon to open! I’ll take a photo of the blooms when they open up. I’m happy they’re finally kicking off to a good start.


Grey Horse Matters said...

Bear Corgi is one very handsome dog. He’s just too cute. Great picture! Pretty Astor’s and a happy bee. Good close up shot of the bee.

billie said...

Thanks! He is feeling good these days (thank you, CalmForwardStraight for your rec on the eggshell membrane!) and really enjoys his time on the farm.