Monday, October 12, 2020

Spotlight on Baloo

 I haven’t spotlighted the farm family lately, so thought I’d weave in a series doing this. Here’s Baloo, our Cardigan Welsh Corgi. He’s a security officer extraordinaire and has gradually become a solid citizen around the equines. Hello, Cody!

He’s a good pal to Clem and Bear, a very loving dog, and a fierce announcer of anything and everything happening around the farm. 

Thanks to my daughter for the photos. She’s now doing pet portraits! Feel free to contact me if you’d like to hire her. :)


Matthew said...

Love these photos of Baloo the sweetheart!

Grey Horse Matters said...

He looks like a wonderful guy! I'm very impressed with your daughter's photos. She has a real talent.

billie said...

M, he is a sweetie!

A, he’s a fun dog. Thanks re: K’s photos. She always gets a certain look in her photos that imo captures the personality of whatever living creature she’s photographing.