Friday, May 10, 2019

Clementine and the herd

Clem is spending time off leash in Poplar Folly now, along with her best friends Bear and Baloo Corgi. She’s curious about the equines but does not approach them, and if they start running she comes to my side and sits. 

The big lesson for Clem is “leave it” when it comes to horse manure. We’re working on it. 

It’s fun seeing her learn the ropes of living on a horse farm. She’s already a superstar when it comes to going out in the world. I feel sure she will be the same here as she gets more exposure. 


Grey Horse Matters said...

Clementine looks like the perfect addition to the farm. She's very sweet and very smart not to mention adorable!

billie said...

She’s such an old soul. It’s nice to have some feminine canine energy going, too.

Matthew said...

I haven't gotten to go on a "romp" with Clem yet in the Folly. Looking forward to it!


billie said...

Be well prepared for manure monitoring!