Monday, May 13, 2019

Laundry room wish list, item 1, check!

I’ve been pondering a different arrangement in the laundry room for several years now, and eventually came up with an idea based on a Welsh hutch I found online. It was gorgeous but very pricy, $3k+, and I figured if I kept my eyes open I’d find something close enough to do the job. I checked on Craigslist off and on for months, never saw anything remotely similar, and moved on to other wishlists for home and farm.

Last week on a whim I checked and found a hutch that was very close to the one I wanted. We got it for $400 and I spent most of Mother’s Day prepping to paint the wall behind it. The wall is soft apricot now, on two sides of the laundry room, and the hutch is in place. I’m seriously considering painting it with chalk paint, layering a soft natural green and a creamy country white in an interesting way, and putting dark wax on top of that. But I like to live with things before I jump in and put paint on, so my husband brought this monster up the stairs in two pieces for me and it was almost instantly christened with the November Hill Feline Seal Of Approval by Pixie.

I can’t tell you how happy I was to put the horse minerals and supplements “away” on their new shelving and line up my boots and hang my gardening hats. We have twice the space we did before and it looks much more my style than the counter-top wood tables that were there when we moved in. 

Now I need the second item on the wishlist - a wood bench that will fit over the horse feed bins under the window, a place I can put a cushion and sit to put my boots on, fold laundry on, etc. I already know most benches are not as high as the bins are so it may be something I have to make or have made, but I want it simple and durable, and that shouldn’t be too hard to have done.

On the opposite wall, there’s a multi-item list of things to do. Have the dryer outlet rewired, see if the vent can be done differently/more efficiently, replace the shop sink with something beautiful that will also allow for buckets and maybe even a lower deck dog washing station, plus new shelving over the washer/dryer.

Not to mention the new laundry room door with built-in dog door to accommodate the Golden Retriever girl who lives here now. I’ve found the door I want, but have to get measurements before I get the quote to see if it’s affordable. I’ll be happy when I can make this room totally Done. :) For now, though, I’m happy as can be with this hutch!


Grey Horse Matters said...

Beautiful hutch. I like it in the natural wood with the soft apricot paint behind it. But I'm sure it would look good antiqued with chalk paint and dark wax too. It's really whatever you want the look to be.

billie said...

A, thank you! I too am torn - I love natural wood and mostly keep it that way, but we have so much natural wood in the entire downstairs - floors, kitchen cupboards, dining table, bottom of kitchen island, the wood pillars, the stairway upstairs, other furniture. It’s a smallish open floor plan (which I love) but sometimes I feel like breaking things up a bit with all the natural wood. I’m definitely going to live with the hutch in its natural state for awhile. I am thinking about putting beadboard in some muted color on the kitchen island and I have an idea that won’t be permanent like paint for the cupboards. If I do a few other things that tone down the natural wood overall I may end up loving this hutch in its current state. So I’m not in a rush to paint it. I’d actually like to get the other items in the laundry room done and then make my decision about the hutch. :)

Matthew said...

I see you got your feline model to help with the photo shoot! :)

billie said...

It took very little/zero persuasion.