Sunday, August 20, 2017

My essay "Airplanes" up at Manifest-Station

I'm very happy this one found such a wonderful home! The Manifest-Station is a terrific place with interesting stories and perspectives on a near-daily basis. Check out my essay and then keep reading - and go back often.

You can find my essay HERE


Grey Horse Matters said...

I visited the site and read your essay. It was very heartwarming to read how mother's memories work. I can see and feel the tears with you and can only say I've been there as the children grew and left home. They always come back and even more memories are made.

billie said...

So glad to hear that! :)

Thanks for reading and letting me know.

Matthew said...

It's kind of a pattern - I so often read one of your new essays, and have a visceral "best essay I've read" response. And then another one will come along, and blow me away even more.

This is just beautiful writing.

billie said...

Thank you!!!