Wednesday, August 30, 2017

Adventures at Cornell: The Johnson Museum

When I finally made it to the Cornell campus, I dropped my son off to run some banking errands and the only place I could find to park (legally) was at the Johnson Museum of Art. Thank goodness I did - and went in. This lovely university art collection is impressive and housed in a gorgeous building designed by I. M. Pei.

I sometimes find museums awkward in that there is so much to see and I like to be organized about how I wander, so as not to miss anything. This museum's design contributes to a beautiful flow, as though you are transported through the collection in an organic way. There was no need to track where I'd been or what I'd seen. I loved it.

My photos uploaded en masse and thus are not in any real order. I'll say just a bit about them but want to stress: if you visit Cornell, take the time to see the art museum. It's wonderful.

Of course these little statues caught my eye:

Here's the building itself. Absolutely stunning, art in its own form:

Another equine piece - a mural. Which isn't showing up well here, sadly.

Upstairs there's a beautiful vista to be seen (those photos next Cornell post) but I loved these figures keeping visitors company.

Yet another equine.

A beloved Andy Warhol!

Giacommeti, arresting.

The spheres were intriguing.

An entire room of figurines and small pieces, the ultimate sandplay therapist's museum dream:

There was so much more to see.

On another parking note, the parking app Passport is wonderful in North Carolina but in Ithaca you will need Parkmobile. Same way of working and same convenience both on campus and all over town. Parking is no longer a nightmare with these handy apps.


Grey Horse Matters said...

The museum looks interesting. I liked all the horse sculptures. I've never heard of the parking apps but I guess nowadays there's an app for just about anything.

billie said...

Arlene, the parking apps make things so easy - there are signs indicating zones - and numbered spaces - and instead of feeding meters you have the app set up on your phone so you just sit in your car, enter the zone, enter the space number, and pay. And if you need more time you can add it remotely! It's very easy. Seems like universities and the towns they are in are using these to make parking easier on folks.