Sunday, August 13, 2017

Adventures: Ithaca

I'm woefully behind on blog posts, but for good reasons - a series of adventures that started with helping my son move to Ithaca for graduate school. We set off near the end of July. He drove his car and I drove the U-Haul truck.

I was fairly confident - I think this is the largest truck (at 15') I've ever driven, but it was almost brand new and ran well and although I was a little nervous, I was also excited.

With Google Maps set on "avoid tolls" off we went. The initial part of the trip into Virginia was on familiar roads, the same route I take to my beloved writing retreat, the Porches. My destination that first day was Hagerstown, Maryland. The landscapes were gorgeous - lots of farm land and working farms on both sides of the road. It was only the last hour that was stressful - a lot of traffic going 70 mph. Drivers were courteous but I felt very boxed in and my visibility was severely limited in the truck so changing lanes and merging onto the freeway after rest stops was harder.

The hotel was a Ramada and although old and sort of dated, the restaurant itself was good. We had chicken fajitas and I had a homemade blueberry mojito that was amazing and perfect after a day of driving.

The second day Google Maps seemed to have a mind of its own. After the first hour I found myself on "way off the beaten path" roads that were completely devoid of any other vehicle but mine. Normally I love this kind of driving but the roads were narrow, winding, and with stop signs in places where I had to make left turns - and it was impossible to see out the right window of the truck if it was angled at all. A few times I got behind horses and carriages and had to pass them! I was totally worried that the big white truck would spook the horses but all seemed very much used to it.

The landscapes were beautiful. I'm looking forward to driving this route again but in my car!

I have never been more happy to arrive at a destination - Ithaca! - but worried on my way into town that our hotel parking lot might be hard to navigate in the truck. Fortunately for me there was plenty of space to back in and with my son already safely there, all my anxiety disappeared.

We stayed at the beautiful Argos Inn:

I highly recommend the Argos. The rooms are gorgeous as are the public spaces inside and out. And the Argos bar is amazing. I'll do an entire post on the inn but suffice it to say, that night, upon arrival, this bourbon sour was my reward:

The next day we moved my son in. His apartment is wonderful. It was such a great feeling to take this photo at the end of the journey:


Grey Horse Matters said...

Glad to hear you made it safe and sound and your son is settled in to his new apartment. Sounds like a scenic ride for the most part. Your hotel looks wonderful as does that bourbon sour. Never had one of those. Are you back home now?

billie said...

I can't rave enough about the bourbon sour. They used infused cherries on a little metal skewer, a real glass stirring stick, and really, it's just the best cocktail bar I've ever been to. Their menu changes every season but they will make old favorites so next trip to Ithaca will find me there ordering another one of these!

Yes, I'm home. I got home, spent one night, then daughter and I took Amtrak to DC for 4 nights. Another whole blog post.

Finally I'm back and getting into the regular routine again.

Flying to Ithaca is going to be pretty easy, I think, based on my flight home. The Ithaca airport is so tiny they know most of the frequent fliers coming through by name! Loved it. :)