Friday, August 25, 2017

More on the Argos Inn/Adventures in Ithaca

This is one of my favorite places now that I've been, in part because of the beautiful inn itself, in other part because of this cocktail, the Argos Bourbon Sour.

It was warm while I was there so I didn't sit outside but it would be a perfect place for a drink when the weather is just right.

Every angle is lovely.

This was before the evening crowd arrived.

Outside the room:

 The stairs to the third floor:

Along the wall outside the room:

The room!

I loved the little nook with the sink.

And the writing desk.

In the bar, a piano.

The bar where they make the amazing cocktails.

This season's menu.

Shelves any sandplay therapist would love.

The main stairway.

I'm looking forward to the next visit.


Grey Horse Matters said...

It does look like a lovely comfortable place. And the bourbon sour looks like something I'd like to try sometime. I can see where you'll be staying on your next visit.

billie said...

Got to start working on the next visit with a side trip by car attached. :)