Tuesday, March 01, 2016

The first day of March on November Hill

It's a gorgeous day out there. Warm, a bit of a breeze, and no bugs yet. Cody is barely visible because he's stuck to the other side of Keil Bay like glue. 

I tried to take a couple of selfie photos of me with Redford and me with Keil Bay but Redford ran and Keil turned away. They are intent on what's growing and in the new load of very green and very soft hay we brought in over the weekend. Never mind those peppermints I doled out a few minutes before attempting photos!

Spring is not quite here yet but it's definitely edging closer. 


Grey Horse Matters said...

Beautiful here today too. A little too muddy for my liking in the catch pen where they all congregate to eat from the hay nets. They've ventured out but there's not much grass available yet.

Too bad those selfies didn't come out good. Love the picture of the herd though. Very happy bunch of equines!

billie said...

Hope your mud dries up soon. We dried out after the tornado warning/deluge day because the wind hasn't stopped blowing ever since! It's nice to have dry ground again.

I was really annoyed for a few minutes about their refusal to take photos with me but then I sat down in one of my pasture chairs and just enjoyed the day with them grazing around me. :)