Friday, March 04, 2016

day off

We fed Keil Bay's midday meal early today and headed to the zoo. It was the perfect zoo day - cool but not cold, cloudy (good for the photographers among us) with a few sunshiny spells to brighten the day, and although somewhat crowded earlier on, by the end we felt like the only people in the place.

Two of the seals were playing and having a blast, Gus the baby chimp was as cute as a pie, and the bobcat was up close and seeking attention for the first time ever. 

The giraffes were particularly alert and very focused on a small enclave in the tall rock formations in their field. We enjoyed watching them move - they are in some ways horse-like and one actually arched its neck and did a little canter.

The lions posed.

Artie the elephant was separated from the other elephants (not the norm) and was weaving and vocalizing. I called the zoo operator and asked if a keeper could check on him. 

Our zoo does a good job with habitats for the most part. I didn't take a single photo but I enjoyed the outing and observing.

Tomorrow it's back to horses and donkeys. 


Grey Horse Matters said...

Sounds like a great day. I love giraffes! Hope the elephant was okay.

billie said...

Arlene, the interesting thing was the elephant looked SO much like a horse upset because of being separated from the herd. Weaving just like a horse in a stall might and pacing up and down along the fence line. It was so sad to see. I hope it was either an accidental thing or a short-term one.

I'm going to follow up with the zoo to see what was going on.