Tuesday, May 05, 2015

the view from the back deck, and a heart-full Pixie/Kyra tale

It's been lovely being home again and looking out to see this view. I don't think I ever get enough of seeing the horses so close to home and heart.

Another thing I've been seeing when I look out back is a 15-year old Corgi girl named Kyra who in many ways seems like she's having a renaissance. She is bossy and playful and eating like a - well, like a Corgi! - and she is happy.

Still, she sometimes wanders out to the corner of the back yard and for a little while it seems like she is lost in her own world. A little bit of a fog.

I call her and she doesn't seem to hear me.

Pixie (the calico kit-meow) has taken to going into the back yard with Kyra when she heads into this foggy place. Pixie rubs against her face and gently herds her back toward the house. Right now Pixie is sleeping beside my bed on one of Kyra's blankets, right beside Kyra, who is also taking her morning nap.

I'm so intrigued with this little friendship and with Pixie's care-taking behaviors. I have seen similar behaviors bloom between our cats and the Corgis, the horses and donkeys, and of course all of them within their own species.

When I see these friendships and loving behaviors it makes me wonder how anyone can hold out the theory that animals do not have feelings, emotions, or intentional friendships.

Those of us who live with animals see things every day that prove they do.


Grey Horse Matters said...

Animals definitely do have feelings for other animals whether they are the same species or not. Pixie sounds like a sweetheart to help Kyra and watch over her.

I've had many dogs over the years and when one got older the younger ones just naturally took care of them. Right now I only have Maggie, the Aussie, who will be 12 in July. Unfortunately, she is losing her hearing and I have to do some very loud calling out the door or go searching for her. So, I guess, right now I'm her caretaker since there is no other animal living here at the moment.

billie said...

I am thinking you might have to hire Gunnar! :)

Calm, Forward, Straight said...

Sometimes animal feelings / emotions aren't of the nicest variety, just like we human animals lol.

My Sweetpea had an arch enemy dog in the old neighborhood - just that one ever - who I believe she would have taken out permanently if allowed.

And Seven (the resident polydactyl) has recently decided that Lucky Barnett, the original household queen bee feline, does not deserve to live on our farmette any longer... hanging out on the fringes is barely tolerated. I wonder what happened between them. ;D

billie said...

Wow, C. Sorry you're seeing the not so nice behaviors among your animal family. :/