Tuesday, May 26, 2015

Keil Bay's new thing

The gate latch on our backyard gate has been unreliable for the past year or so. At some point I put a bungee strap around the post to secure it so that Corgis would be safely contained inside the fence. As with a lot of farm chores, if you "fix" something even temporarily, it pushes that thing to the bottom of the list because there are always new things popping into the top spot. The bungee cord strap has been our gate latch for awhile now.

A few weeks ago my husband replaced the actual latch and removed the bungee cord. I haven't been truly comfortable with the new gate latch - it feels like it's too easy to open and we have lots of smart animals here. I was worried Bear Corgi might learn to stand up on his hind legs and somehow push the latch up and let he and Kyra out.

I think my husband and daughter have felt I was being overly cautious but this weekend we learned that, in fact, the gate latch is not secure.

And it's not because of the Corgis.

Keil Bay was spotted coming to the gate, putting his head over, and lifting the latch to let himself and Cody into the back yard. Where there is lush grass and the garden and - us.

And since he didn't see fit to close the gate behind him, the bungee cord is back.


Anonymous said...

Smarty pants!

billie said...

Kate, I had to laugh. He would be the horse nudging me awake each morning if he could get all the way in the house to do so. :)

Grey Horse Matters said...

I don't know what it is about latches that are so challenging to horses. Dusty and Blue are the resident "escapees." Those lips are very talented. Love that he took the gang with him for a treat!

billie said...

Arlene, usually it's the pony who escapes but Keil seems to be the master of "breaking in." :)

Matthew said...

Keil Bay is the king of everything, especially grassy back yards!

billie said...

His kingdom is huge!