Wednesday, September 01, 2010

middle of the week catch-up

Busy week here on November Hill. I finally went to the chiropractor yesterday and discovered that what I suspected was true - my left pelvis joint was rotated out. She put it back and I felt like I was going to float away when I stood up and felt the absence of tightness and the twinging of what I call the "rusty hinge" sensation. I completely understand why the Big Bay stands licking and chewing when he gets his chiro work done. It's incredible.

I'm going back tomorrow for an additional adjustment and a massage.

Otherwise, we have had a blip of heat this week and today was equine bath day. I think they all enjoyed getting soaped up and rinsed off again, and I feel better knowing they're not feeling sweaty and sticky. Although we have had an increase in temperatures, it feels like fall. On the weekend we're having lows in the 50s! Keil Bay was doing his big beautiful trot around the barnyard today, which made me want to go grab saddle and bridle and tack him up for a ride. If we can get back to the 80s next week and if these insanely aggressive horse flies will leave, we'll be ready to get back to work.

At least two family members are heading to the beach this weekend, so I'll be here keeping the herd happy and hopefully will sneak some writing time in. I can't believe it's already September - but on the other hand, what took it so long?

(and... let's all send Earl out to sea - thinking good thoughts for all the folks we know living on/near the east coast and hoping they get good waves and nothing more than a nice breeze)


Grey Horse Matters said...

Glad to hear your 'rusty hinge' is well oiled and swinging freely. We've had high 90's up here for most of this week. Supposedly, it will be cooler by the weekend, I hope so. Maybe we'll all get a ride in then. Have a nice weekend with the herd and get some writing in.

billie said...

Thank you! I've been thinking about you and j a lot this week - big hugs to both of you for giving Sweetie the love, care, and respect she deserved - I feel sad but at the same time happy that she had such a loving home for her final years.

Kyle said...

I've never had chiropractic. But it often seems like I need somebody to show up and give me a good existential rolfing. Part rolling on the floor laughing, part serious mid-life attitude adjustment. :)

billie said...

LOL, Kyle!