Sunday, September 26, 2010

sunday morning solo

Husband and daughter have gone to volunteer at a dressage show for the day. Daughter is a score runner for half the day and has taken her camera to look for and capture rollkur the other half. Husband is in charge of awards. Does anyone besides me see the possibilities in this combination of volunteer duties? :)

If she finds any rollkur I am going to do my part and send the photos to the FEI, as well as posting them here. 

Meanwhile, back at the farm, teenaged son is doing what they do well - sleep. I am finishing my coffee and yogurt and then heading out to feed breakfast to horses and donkeys, harrow the front field in advance of the RAIN THAT IS COMING (we badly need it!) and enjoy the much cooler temperature that rolled in overnight.

Guess who is standing outside my window right now keeping me company as I type? The Big Bay. The Big Handsome Bay. Get on out here, he says. Unless you're blogging about how wonderful I am, in which case you can take a few more minutes.


Matthew said...

Hi from the prize table. Hope Keil and the other equines are enjoying the break in the heat. . .

billie said...

You took the iPad!!!

No ribbons for rollkuring riders!

ponymaid said...

Billie, maybe we should start the sour pickle award for the rollkurists? Something that reflects the way it makes their horses feel...Hope your offspring catches the perpetrators in the act.

billie said...

Sheaffer, I was thinking of something a bit more... painful... than a sour pickle award. I guess I'm being mean, but when I see horses being put into rollkur, I want a bit designed for humans and me holding the reins while I put the rollkurists through a nice, long warm-up.

Here's hoping daughter doesn't get suckered into being score runner all day long, and that there is no rollkur to be seen.

Grey Horse Matters said...

I'll be interested to see if your daughter spots any rollkurists. As usual Keil Bay sounds like a real character. I'm sure by now he's been properly fed and fussed over for the day.

billie said...

Arlene, she didn't, but she wasn't near the warm-up and ended up being the only score runner for most of the day so never really got a chance to take her camera and observe.

Keil Bay IS a character and he has basically been standing around eating hay all day as the rain finally hit and we have gotten steady, lovely rain for most of the afternoon/evening.

I also noticed that in one week we will be down to 45 degrees at night!!! I simply cannot wait.

Also just got an email about a horse for sale who looks like a female Keil Bay - 8 years old, Hanoverian, does lower level dressage and jumps big. For a few minutes I was busy calculating - she is a steal.

Didn't I just say recently that we have our hands full? How quickly I forget when I see a horse that triggers the "Keil Bay" response.