Friday, June 04, 2010

sunflowers and squash


The sunflowers have begun to bloom, and I'm not sure why, but just seeing them there makes me very happy. The echinacea is coming up, although not as quickly as those sunflowers did!

I realized that I need to be checking the garden every morning - as you'll see in the last picture, one squash was trying to break a world size record... and this one was being carefully guarded by a spider. I'm happy to see the spider, although I did ask it to move away from the squash so I could pick!


The first zucchini was ready, and one lone dragon tongue bean. I've planted more bean plants, beneath the shade of the older ones, and once they're bigger I'll take the older ones out and hopefully get more of these lovely beans.

I also found some odd copper-colored dots that look a bit like braille. I'm assuming these are eggs of some kind. Anyone know what?


Update: I just discovered these are squash borer moth eggs - which I need to get rid of. Suggestions are to spray with soapy water each day, mostly around the stems, where the eggs hatch into caterpillars which bore into the stems, causing the squash to die. I'll be out there later in the day, spraying with peppermint soap and water.


Grey Horse Matters said...

Sunflowers always make me smile. They just seem to be happy flowers.

Your veggies look good, I'm sure you'll get rid of those moth eggs with the soap spray.

billie said...

I sprayed - did not see any more eggs so hopefully the stems will be safe!

jme said...

everything looks wonderful! sunflowers make me happy too - i think we might need some here at the farm!

billie said...

I love these - they are different than the ones I used to plant, which were a lovely cream color with brown center. But these are almost a pale yellow, and very pretty.

It's funny - daughter was feeding birdseed for awhile and there are errant sunflowers from that mix sprouting up everywhere!

ponymaid said...

Billie, did the peppermint soap spray fend off the invaders?

billie said...

I have not seen any more eggs, nor any caterpillars! So I think it has helped.

I tried to spray lightly, underneath, because there are ladybugs in the garden as well as spiders, and I don't want to chase them off!