Tuesday, June 22, 2010

beat the heat with some good books

Rainy days are good for reading, but so are these extremely hot, humid summer afternoons we're having. Here are a few books I've got lined up to get me through the blitz of mid-high 90 degree days we have coming up:

Tish Cohen's The Truth About Delilah Blue

Joshilyn Jackson's Backseat Saints

Jon Clinch's Kings of the Earth

Vanessa Woods' Bonobo Handshake

Lauren Baratz-Logsted's The Education of Bet

If I had more time, I'd download cover art and flap copy for you, but now that morning chores are done, my sweat has dried, and I've eaten lunch, it's off to pick up Moomintroll's homeopathic remedy from our vet, to the feed store to stock up on flaked oats, wheat bran, alfalfa pellets, and beet pulp shreds, and somewhere (if I'm lucky the feed store will have these items too) for a new spray nozzle for the hose and a new scrub brush for the water troughs.

If I'm really lucky Angelina will have whipped up some fabulous Greek frozen yogurt flavor for today and I can treat myself. (NOTE: yes! just checked the menu for today and this is the frozen yogurt flavor, made with local blackberries: orange blossom with crushed frozen blackberries!)

Go to the bookstore of your choice and check out the above books - although I have not yet read them, I am confident they will all be good reads.


ponymaid said...

Billie, could you possibly mail some of that frozen yogurt to Jack and self? It sounds as good as cold watermelon. It is hot and humid here too but I suspect on a lesser scale than at your digs. We are waiting for the footman and heaven knows he will be warmish when he's done hammering summer shoes onto La Molly. Wishing you cool breezes and good reading.

billie said...

Sheaffer, if this summer is like last summer, Angelina will be luring me in on a regular basis with her frozen yogurt flavors. You would adore her - she is Greek and cooks with only locally grown ingredients. Her shop smells heavenly and today when I stopped by I came out with not only the frozen yogurts I purchased, but three filo cheese and spinach pies she gave me for a snack for my daughter who was accompanying me on errands. I suspect she would know exactly what to offer a distinguished herd of donkey customers to make them very happy.

billie said...

Oh, and I have NOT forgotten my donkey book review for you. It is in my pile and unfortunately you are experiencing one of my bad habits in process - the hoarding of books I know to be very fine. I have tried to overcome that habit but it just seizes me and won't let go.

Grey Horse Matters said...

Thanks for the ideas on the books, I'll check them out soon.

The frozen yogurt sounds like a cool treat for a hot humid day. Enjoy the summer flavor, it sounds delicious.

ponymaid said...

Billie, no rush for the book review. Whenever you get to it will be just fine - it's not good to "roosh aroun" in the heat, as Jack says.

billie said...

Thank you! And to Jack, who puts it so well.