Sunday, June 06, 2010

summer sunday supper

Today was another hot one, and I took an uncharacteristic late afternoon nap that I guess I needed but I am really not a napping kind of person - I always wake up groggy and feeling off kilter.

However, it was nearing dinnertime and I had a special meal in mind, so I shook it off and headed to the kitchen.

The menu:

havarti potato pie
chile lime corn on the cob
cucumbers from the garden, sprinkled with salt and splashed with balsamic vinegar

My friend Debbie, who I went to school with most of the years from kindergarten on through high school graduation, and who I have come to know again via Facebook, gave me her recipes for the potato pie and the corn.

I harvested cucumbers yesterday from the garden, and although they were not beautiful on the outside, they were absolutely perfect to eat. Best I've had in years!  I attribute it all to Keil Bay. :)

The meal was absolutely delicious, and the cucumbers made a lovely a side dish. My husband took Kyra Corgi for a walk just before dinner, and when he came back he put a handful of just-picked blackberries on my plate. Even more perfect!

This summer supper was light, yummy, and easy, and Debbie's dessert idea to go with it would have been one more incredible course - mango sorbet.

There is rumor Debbie has a cookbook in the works, and if so, I can promise you I'll be buying it the moment it's available.

I am so enjoying the garden - and the farmer's market. This week past we had a beautiful salad centered around locally grown beets I roasted in the oven - they were a bright orange and deep ruby red, and when I sliced them, they were striped! The taste was rich and good. The colors were added pleasure.

And there was something wonderful about spying them at the farmer's market, making my way to the table they were on, complimenting the grower on her lovely produce, purchasing and sticking the bunch into my bag, and pondering what meal I'd make with those gorgeous beets. 

I missed the market this week and am barely able to wait until this Thursday when it's here again.


Valentino said...

Sounds delicious Billie :)

What a bountiful time of year - trying to savor it!

Grey Horse Matters said...

Your meal sounds light and delicious. That's certainly the way to go when it's so hot outside. My grandmother used to make a cold green bean salad that was delicious, she'd add fresh crumbled peppermint leaves to it and use Italian salad dressing. We've been really hot and humid here too with some thunderstorms thrown in for good measure.

I'm not a napper either but I did the same thing as you on Saturday and felt miserable when I woke up. I forced myself to go drag the ring at least so I got something useful done.

billie said...

Valentino, it is really hard to refrain from buying everything at the farmer's market this time of year - one of these days I'll do some freezing for the winter!

billie said...

Arlene, the green beans sound lovely - I wonder if my lemon mint leaves would work too?

We finally had a "cold front" move in last night and had about an hour and a half of rain/thunder. This morning instead of being 85 degrees already it's 67! Much welcomed by me.

Dragging the arena is on my list too - for later today.

billie said...

Valentino - just wanted to mention - I have tried several times to comment on your blog, but have never been able to do so with that particular comment format. I wish I could figure out why!

What I said today (to some Blogger black hole) was that I love the Thinline sheepskin dressage pad I got for the Big Bay. He likes it too.

Matthew said...

The entire dinner was amazingly good, but the lime and red pepper corn was the Pièce de résistance. I've never had corn taste so exotic and flavorful!

billie said...

I know! That corn was amazing.

Valentino said...

Hey Billie-

I have tried to change the comment format on my blog but nothing has worked so far...There seems to be a glitch and even the blogger "expert" advice has not worked. If I can't fix it I may have to switch to Wordpress...

Thanks for the Thinline review - will be ordering as soon as I have enough time to calmly decide which pad is appropriate.

My eyes get bigger than my stomach at farm stands this time of year too!

billie said...

Thanks for trying - I mainly wanted you to know I'd be commenting on your blog if I could! :)