Wednesday, February 17, 2010

translation of Cavallo's interview with Gerd Heuschmann about the FEI's Feb. 9th meeting

Project Horse has posted a translation of Gerd Heuschmann's interview with Cavallo about his impressions on the FEI meeting of February 9th.


Grey Horse Matters said...

He seems to think it was a positive outcome. For now I am agreeing with him. I like that he commented on LDR and said while it's not the optimum way he would train dressage, it is a beginning. There seems to have been some progress made, which I'm sure we are all thankful for. There's still more to be done. The stewards must penalize the riders who are being aggressive and they need to be supported by the judges. I hope after this ruling the judges will start rewarding the riders who are riding correctly. I still think it's a sad state of affairs that a meeting like this should even have to be held.

billie said...

It does seem he is feeling positive about the meeting and the possibility for more change to happen.

I believe folks like Gerd Heuschmann, who do the work to identify the harm caused by rollkur, but at the same time maintain the ability to engage in productive discussion with those who disagree, are the key to widespread change.

Short of being a dictator type of leader who has ultimate power and control, we have to use communication and education to create change.

This is one of many things I would have no problem dictating on were I the Queen of the land, but meanwhile my intention is to keep talking and writing and doing what I can, and offer my support to those who can sit in the room with Sjef Janssen and engage in a civil discussion.