Friday, February 05, 2010

horses and what they know

When I went out to the barn this morning I told the herd, "I'm okay, but I'm going to be slow."

The demeanor in the barn was absolutely quiet and respectful. Cody stood in the back door of his stall, as if to say "I'm giving you plenty of space, don't worry!"

There was no Hanoverian chorus, no pony hoof, no squeaky hinges. They were prepared to wait, even when I had to make 3 trips, a cautionary measure, as it is raining AGAIN and I normally have quite an armful when I walk out to make breakfast tubs.

Funny, though, when my daughter arrived to help, the volume went on and up. It was as if they knew: she has back-up now, so we can get back to our normal breakfast routine!

By the end of it, as tubs were being served, Keil Bay had held in so much anticipatory energy he was about to burst. He was bobbing his head wildly over the stall door, and drool was flinging everywhere. But when I got to his door and said "go to your manger" he did it, knowing that today I really couldn't tolerate any sudden moves.

It's the same as when someone who isn't used to horses comes to the barn, and they are that much more careful around that person, knowing somehow that they need to be a bit more mindful than usual.

It doesn't surprise me when the horses respond this way, because it's what they are wired to do - but it always gives me pause and a sense of awe.

I'm a little bit sore today from being bowled over, but I think a hot bath will help with that. Moving through the morning chores (slowly, carefully) already worked out some of the kinks.

Now if we can just get through this rain without floating away.


CharlieHorse said...

"bowled over"? By one of your steeds? Oh, my - that's not good - trust you're okay.
Here in Virginia, we're getting snow upon snow. I love it, but then I've nothing that demands I go out in it unless I want to.
Check out this website when you've a moment - I think you'll be amazed, and I hope you'll enjoy it.

billie said...

Charliehorse, I'm losing track of which media I've written what on - the tale of the bowling over was told here in blog-land in yesterday's comments, but also on facebook, where it was more "front and center." :)

I'm fine. Poor Cody was mortified. It was one of those scenarios where he and I both waited for the other, and then "went" at the same moment.

We got sleet earlier today, and they say maybe snow tomorrow. Don't know which is worse - it all ends up being more mud in the end!

Beautiful photos of snowflakes - thank you for sharing the link!

I have Dr. Masaru Emoto's book and set of cards that illustrate his work on how our energy and thoughts/moods/etc. affects water crystals. It's quite fascinating. Reminds me of the snowflake images a bit.

Jane said...

I had the same reaction "bowled over"? "sore"? Uh-Oh. I'm glad you're okay! I love that the herd knew they needed to be careful. The connection between you is beautiful. Hope the hot bath works and I'm SO with you on the rain.

billie said...

Jane, I'm not sure really what to even call it. My arm pressed against the stall door, and I did end up on the ground, but the best I can sort out what happened is that I somehow got tangled up with Cody and sort of got carried airborne fast enough to simulate a whiplash scenario. I definitely had a brain shake, but it was from movement, not hitting it on anything. And there are no bruises from landing.

I can't believe how much rain we have gotten today. The idea that we will ever dry out again seems like a long-lost wish.

Grey Horse Matters said...

I'm glad you're feeling a little bit better today. A hot bath should help. Your herd is amazing in how they can read you and adjust their behavior accordingly. Very impressive.

Rising Rainbow said...

I was wondering what I had missed as well. Didn't read the comments of the earlier post and sure didn't read on FB so glad to see you posted what happened here.

Can certainly understand not knowing what you posted where. I find myself in that quite regularly. LOL

Hope you are better soon.

billie said...

Arlene, the hot bath was great. We're out of epsom salts but that's on my list for tomorrow.

billie said...

Thank you, MiKael. I'm much better. Arnica helps and the fact that I actually remembered to come in and take it was probably key. :)

ponymaid said...

Good grief, Billie, you gave us all quite a turn! I hope things are beginning to settle. All this and you're on your new diet regieme - it's a lot of upset for a body to take in at once. Dr. Sheaffer prescribes a warm donkey on either side of you in bed. Take two as necessary.

billie said...

Dr. Sheaffer, an excellent prescription! If all doctors were like you I would probably go more! :)