Sunday, February 07, 2010

quick note re: FEI meeting Tuesday

Tomorrow evening (Monday) I plan to put up the NO ROLLKUR logo with a brief statement on both blogs and on my Facebook page and will leave it there through Tuesday afternoon.

I'm doing this in support of Gerd Heuschmann's attendance at the FEI round table meeting to discuss rollkur, and to say, again, that I do NOT SUPPORT this training method.

I suggested this on the Blue Tongue Facebook page as a way to quietly but powerfully hold up our signs around the world, simultaneously, as an indication that we are aware of the meeting and although not there, present our viewpoints.

I invite anyone who reads here to join in. You can take the image and/or statement from my blog and put it on your own blog and/or FB page. If you'd like me to copy and paste the html for you to make this even easier, send me your email in a comment. I won't publish the emails, but will send you the info to paste into your blog.

The more places this appears, the more powerful the message.


jme said...

what a great idea! count me in!

Grey Horse Matters said...

Good idea. I'll do it on Tuesday also.